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What is it about a carousel, the smell of cotton candy, or the twinkling lights on an Eli wheel at dusk that send us down a path of wistful reminiscences?

Whether you have personal memories of Idaho Falls’ Funland or sweet recollections from another treasured theme park, it’s easy to conjure up thoughts of happy experiences at a place that brings community together. Funland has been a gem in Idaho Falls since 1947; a place where countless people have smiled together, laughed together and have had a moment of fun. Now it’s time to preserve this piece of history, this vibrant, fun connecting piece in the fabric of our community. Whether you have memories of Funland or you’re looking to make them, this is a treasure worth saving.

We need your help!

Buy a Funland Brick

Show your support for this community-led effort to restore Funland by buying a brick.  Your brick, with your customized message, will be used to pave a beautiful central plaza.  All extra funds generated by the brick campaign will be used to restore and improve the rest of Funland.

A message from

Mayor Rebecca Casper

Mayor, City of Idaho Falls

"I ask you to please support the Funland Restoration Project. Give a little, give a lot... do it to make sure the best parts of being a kid will always be a part of Idaho Falls."

A message from

Michelle Ziel-Dingman

President, Idaho Falls City Council

I'm inviting you to join us in bringing new life to Funland.

Rendering by Braden Miskin
Rendering by Braden Miskin

Our Plans

Funland will officially reopen in 2022, marking the 75th Anniversary of this beloved amusement park. We are still very early in the planning stage and much will depend on the support we get from the community, however, here are some of the plans we are currently working on.

  • Restore the original rides at Funland, including the Carousel, Train, Planes, Octopus, and Eli Wheel
  • Build a new 18 hole miniature golf course
  • Restore "the Hut" log cabin
  • Build a bricked central plaza
  • Bring in additional rides
  • New shared entrance with the Idaho Falls Zoo
  • Time Capsule to be opened in 2097

Early artist concepts

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