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Help Us Capture a Moment in Time

Funland will officially reopen in 2022, marking the 75th Anniversary of this beloved amusement park. Part of the opening ceremonies will include burying a sealed time capsule to be opened in 2097, seventy-five years in the future. This symbolic gesture signals the anticipation of seventy-five more years of memories and fun.

We need your help to capture this moment in time. Please submit your cherished memories of Funland using the form below. We will share these memories on social media over the coming year. Five memories will be selected and included in the time capsule, forever connecting the past to the future. So, write and tell us about your first kiss on the Eli Wheel, your favorite ride shared on a Saturday afternoon with your Dad, or some long-forgotten Funland mischief. We can’t wait to read all about it!

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